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"I’m drawn to any artwork that I can’t get to the bottom of.  Inaccessibility is not an end in itself but I think it’s important that a degree of effort is required to get to the essence of a particular work.  For myself, the works that I make and cannot quite figure out on a rational level are those that interest me the most."

-Interview with Cindy Hinant, 2022

"I’m just now finishing a group of paintings that I think will really surprise you. I doubt that you have ever seen paintings quite like these. They reverse the general theme of the Black Paintings in which the black figure is forced to conform to the square format of most of the black paintings. Intermediate are the shaped black painting where the black figure escapes the square format in the form of a large drip. With the new paintings, all circular in format, which is compromised by a decisive cut or violation of the surface, a cut into the format which seems to be an invasion of the picture space by the surrounding wall space, or better put, an attack from the outside world - the gallery space that is beyond the painting surface. I’m not confident that I have the words to adequately describe what I’m doing so I include one snapshot from my iPhone which perhaps gives a better idea of what I’m up to. These paintings were a long time in coming. They seem so strange to me that it took some time to gather the confidence to undertake what I see as a radical departure from picture space as we know it."


-Email to Wolfgang Haeusler, 2020

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