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"I wanted to eliminate the picture plane. I was thinking of the tyranny of the format, the rectangle that is always there to be worked with, for, or against."

-Interview with Cindy Hinant, 2016

"At some moment that I can’t really account for, an impulse to work in the other direction emerged that was open, expansive, time-related, and sequential. I became interested in how we are conditioned to read texts and horizontal images from left to right and I started to think about more open landscape situations, narrative situations, works with a horizontal emphasis being drawn out in time as is the case with the Berlin Series. And I guess lurking behind it, and it shows up in very oblique ways, is an interest in alchemy and mysticism, the workings of the solar system, the sun moon cycles and things of that sort. There’s a poetry in such musings that impacts my work. It seems to me that the Berlin Series had an openness that anticipated my subsequent work."

-Interview with Cindy Hinant, 2016

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