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"I am more interested in inquiry and searching than developing style. There is something final about having a style."


-Notes from a Sketchbook, June 1966 - July 1968

"I think it’s important for any artist to have a working method or method of inquiry that relates to the current cultural moment.  I became interested early on in the idea of juxtaposing themes from everyday life and forcing them into a relationship with ideas about art.  I played these two sides against each other without favoring one or the other and it seemed to be a big enough subject, the play between the idea of art, with respect for history on the one side, and the vitality of everyday life and culture on the other.  Much of my work came from this working method, it was both personal and had an anchor in history.  I had to find a semblance of rationality and control and insisted on art grounded in my own content which also involved finding a new unburdened way to proceed.  I didn’t want my personal biography upfront and in the viewers face, so I always couched the work in terms that allows for (in the absence of wild speculation) rational dialectical interpretation. In the end method is everything."


-Interview with Mario Perez, 2022

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